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Hello friends, after exchanging greetings with one of the parents of the children in the children’s church, I asked about my little friend who just finished her secondary education. “She has just entered the university,” she said with a strange smile. When I asked further about her course of study and university, she said indifferently, “She could go to whatever university that was available and study whatever course she could secure. I just could not stand her unruly behavior at home anymore!” This response made me stand at the point where the conversation occurred for some minutes after left, thinking about how this situation could be improved.

A parent recently told me how she requested that her son of 10 years be put in the school prison and he was maltreated for some days when she felt her series of flogging could not subdue him into obedience.

A story was told on a television programme about how a couple flogged a child of about 9 years old to death because she was wasting kerosene when she left the water boiling for too long. A picture of her corpse just after she was killed was shown on the television. As usual, I cried all through the night and woke up with a head ache the next morning.

The mass media is replete with such weird stories. It infects homes and schools like a virus. Some believe it is our culture to maltreat children in this way. Others believe it is biblical. I am not even sure what I can make out of all these. The only thing I am sure of is that I am deeply worried about this development. I am afraid that whatever success those who are as worried as I am may have made with legislation may still be implemented by people who have such unsupportive belief system and cultural orientation. We don’t need to be told that the street children littering the nooks and crannies of the cities in Nigeria are evidences of failed parenting efforts.

Hence the need for this blog: To enhance our parenting abilities by broadening our understanding so that parenting can be done passionately with great results.

You are all invited to be part of it. Your interaction through posts and comments will help greatly in improving on the worrisome situation. We hope to learn from each other by sharing parenting experiences from different parts of the world. Please like our Passion in Parenting Facebook page to view our posts. We really count on you to make this vision a reality.


Uchenna N. Nduka