2018: A Year to Achieve Great Parenting Results

Happy New year everyone! Year 2018 will be great!

The year-end break was really fun in the village. People in my part of the world look forward to the usual family reunion during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. We really made the best out of the remnants of the erstwhile communal living in an atmosphere of love and trust in the village environment. Communal interaction is gradually becoming individualistic. Divergent emerging religious persuasions are gradually creating mistrust, suspicion and divisive tendencies in different aspects of our communal life, even among members of the same family. Increasing crime rate has worsened this situation.

The traditional communal parenting structure has also been negatively affected. In the olden days, the aged grandparents in every family were the custodians of family values and also the key drivers of the parenting process, while younger parents were busy with economic activities. The aged parents were great storytellers and children learnt a lot from them in an atmosphere of love. Child-training then was a communal responsibility. Presently, the aged parents are either not available to provide the necessary parenting support or have lost their grip on the process due to the increasing negative socio-religious sentiments and the struggle by the younger generation to keep pace with modernisation.

It is expected that over time, improvement would be achieved in the traditional practices in every field of human existence such as health, technology and education. Effective practices are retained, while harmful and ineffective ones are dropped. For instance, our traditional health attendants have improved a lot in their medical practices. My worry is the lopsided insistence on stagnation in the traditional parenting practices. Is it not surprising that most people who argue about traditional parenting practices only remember violence to children?

Well, our blog posts this year will expound the positive aspects of our traditional parenting process, and provide a guide on how to effectively resist and deal with adults in our institutions, families and communities who are desperate and insistent on violence against children.


-Uchenna N. Nduka


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