A Parent’s Solemn Easter Thoughts

I was reminded during the Easter sermon that everyone, including me and my children, are mortals with bodies that tend to resist discipline without God’s help. This resistance, if not divinely dealt with, exposes us to thoughts and actions that attract the anger of God and the consequential ‘rod’ of discipline. No wonder Prov. 26:3 says ‘A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass and a rod for the fool’s back.’

The rod is a divine disciplinary intervention and does not mean a parent’s whip. A whip is not meant for human beings and does not lead to repentance. It rather drives rebellion, heartlessness and poor mental development. It pollutes the proper atmosphere of real discipline.

Easter is a time for Christian parents to ponder more on how to achieve godliness through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ so that they will be enabled to model obedience, faith and godly virtues for the balanced development of their children. Godly parenting is not anger-driven and has no room for anxiety or violence. It should be faithfully done in environments that are filled with love, self-control, selflessness, forgiveness, endurance and other godly qualities for children to feed on.

Happy Easter

-Uchenna N. Nduka.


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