Purity in Parental instructions and Communication : A Necessity for Positive Personality Formation in Children.

I remember that the Children’s Sunday school of that day was particularly challenging. I was really bothered because I was going to teach children of ages between eight to eleven years a bible story in which a mother gave a nasty instruction to her daughter!

It was a story of how a child performed so excellently before her father’s guests that her father promised her a gift of her choice. Her father was ready to give her anything, even half of his kingdom. In her confusion, she went to her mother to guide her to choose rightly. Her mother utilised the opportunity to terminate the life of someone she was angry with. This woman told her daughter to request for the head of the person whose death she desperately wanted. Her daughter obeyed her and that person was beheaded.

The damages that are done to children through such vicious communication are quite enormous. It is usually difficult to correct an adult in respect of behaviour if he grew up believing that the wrong behaviour is right because he was introduced to it by parents or adults he looked up to for guidance. I believe that the spate of terrorism and communal clashes currently ravaging humanity may be connected to the indoctrination of children into evil by getting them involved in adult vendetta. This is a common channel of impurity that passionate parents should resist.

It is obvious that a healthy parenting relationship would achieve a good measure of purity in the parenting process because it has zero-tolerance for indiscipline and evil. In a healthy and pure parenting process, every interaction with the child is a practical learning activity. Also, every word a parent speaks should be a medium to communicate the virtues of love, hope, self-control, faith, humility, diligence and forgiveness. A resourceful parent ensures that godly virtues are packaged and expressed in every moment with children such as godly reactions to life challenges, bed-time stories, and instructions in righteousness.

Great and passionate parents should therefore utilise their position as instruments of positive personality formation in the lives of their children, to raise children who would give peace and not terror to humanity.

-Uchenna N. Nduka


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