2017: The Right Time to Purify the Parenting Process.

Some parents in my environment usually make this comment. “My children cannot obey instructions unless they see the cane.” The negative impact of this development would usually hit harder on posterity than the present generation. It implies that a generation of people who would only respond to force and not to give consideration to dialogue and conscience-driven communication processes in interpersonal relationships would be raised to take over governance and other sensitive leadership positions. This is a really pathetic situation.

It is note-worthy that individuals in parenting relationships are all human beings who may manifest depravity in various degrees and dimensions.  On the other hand, wrong actions usually result in unfavourable consequences to all humans, both young and old. However, the wider experiences of parents, in logic and exposure to different life scenarios, position them better to think and act correctly. Children in healthy parenting relationships therefore have the opportunity, through imitational learning, guided practical life experiences and trust in God, to prefer and acquire positive attributes of love, hard work, honesty, discipline, moderation, self-control, godliness and selfless service to humanity. The consciences of children are alive and pure if they are guided quite early to understand the right and ubiquitous perspective of the reward of obedience and the rod of correction.

Ignorance has been the bane that has polluted the parenting processes with a lot of retrogressive practices. No wonder children are getting increasingly uncooperative and most parents are disillusioned that they are not getting the results they desire. The right time to purify the parenting process is therefore now. This will be the focus of our blog posts this year. Let’s keep reading!

Happy New Year!


Uchenna N. Nduka


2 thoughts on “2017: The Right Time to Purify the Parenting Process.

  1. l really love this post and others on parenting. l was in a vehicle on saturday when a discussion on child upbringing came up. l remember a man who concluded that at the moment children are not being disciplined because they are not being flogged, placed on house arrest,denied food,etc the way parents of his days do. and another man who agreed to that saying that his parents had to insert pepper into his private part in the name of correction.


    • Thanks welborn. Please continue to educate parents around you on the right. The psycholgical balance and real discipline of children raised with these wrong practices are greatly doubtful. We have to play our part to save the world from people whose violent parenting approach would predispose to terrorism.


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