Happy Anniversary with All Passionate Parents


The Passion in Parenting blog celebrates one year of  engaging in the divine assignment of improving parenting skills. I believe we are gradually achieving the desired improvement. I am happy about the progress we are making.

Those who can’t still do without the cane and other forms of corporal punishments should first embrace the effective parenting skills and every other thing will fall into place. The reality is that the more resourceful and skilled a parent is, the less tendency for him or her to rely on threats and punishments in the parenting process.

I am grateful to all blog followers, friends and visitors. You are all important in the vision of improving parenting skills in your respective communities, states, religious groups and countries. We will soon get to know ourselves more.

Happy Anniversary! Parenting skills are indeed improving!

  • Uchenna N. Nduka



6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary with All Passionate Parents

  1. This blog has being a source of inspiration,blessing and hope for the next generation because some of things shared here cannot be found anywhere.
    You are in a great blessing to this generation. Keep the fire burning.
    My sincere pray for You is that you will increase and will witness the impact and contribution you made in human race.
    Happy Anniversary MRS UCHENNA NDUKA.


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