My favourite passion in parenting post in the past one year.

Hurrah! The passion in parenting blog will be one year this month and we are all counting our blessings.

Yes, I got good results when they were applied. They helped me get closer to my children. No one should get me wrong. I am not saying my children are now angels. I am only saying that a disturbing situation has improved with better skills.

Oh! A particular one made me desire to have a second chance at the parenting role. I could’t help but share it with my children who are still young parents.

I even intervened when I saw a neighbour committing a parenting blunder and the principles in that post were handy.

You know what? I did a seminar in my school using that post as a guide.


These are some of the comments that have variously worked like magic to spur me on to continue on this journey despite all odds. I am encouraged that parenting skills are in deed improving!

Dear readers, which one out of our posts in the past one year did you find most interesting? Please let us know which one it is by filling the form below. The inclusion of the experience you had when the principles were applied would make your comments explicit.





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