Anniversary Series: Readers’ Interactive Posts in View.

Hello Passionate Parents,

I hope your Sunday is going well. Remember the blog anniversary series was started last week with a poem that was dedicated to you. This poem titled ‘My Tears Dried When I Found His Heart’ is still our focus, and is intended to serve as a platform for the readers’ interactive session.

It has been made easy this time. All you need to do is read it and  give your opinion/experiences concerning the subject of the poem. A form has been attached for this purpose. New readers/visitors  may have to go to our archives in order to tune into the passion in parenting mission.

Thanks again for being part of the mission to improve parenting skills.

A feeling too strong to be ordinary,

Just as clear as day.

Speeding hastily on the path of doom;

Was my teenager whom I nurtured to boom.


Though my voice was amplified,

Though the whips and threats were multiplied,

Yet further the child went on the gloomy path,

And freely my tears flowed as I stood at the turning point.


His distanced heart must first be found.

So my thinking cap and bent knees were all employed,

With more patience in listening and talking, love was found;

And taken to the child’s heart with lots of fun.


With our hearts so close, my whispers are clear;

With the child now swift to obey, the boom days are here.

I’ll keep asking for wisdom in endless flow,

For my child to have me as a firm brace of endless love.


-Uchenna N. Nduka

It will be very much appreciated if you fill the form below.


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