My Tears Dried When I Found His Heart

A feeling too strong to be ordinary,

Just as clear as day.

Speeding hastily on the path of doom;

Was my teenager whom I nurtured to boom.


Though my voice was amplified,

Though the whips and threats were multiplied,

Yet further the child went on the gloomy path,

And freely my tears flowed as I stood at the turning point.


His distanced heart must first be found.

So my thinking cap and bent knees were all employed,

With more patience in listening and talking, love was found;

And taken to the child’s heart with lots of fun.


With our hearts so close, my whispers are clear;

With the child now swift to obey, the boom days are here.

I’ll keep asking for wisdom in endless flow,

For my child to have me as a firm brace of endless love.


-Uchenna N. Nduka


This poem is dedicated to passionate parents who have been our regular readers since the inception of this blog on the 23rd of November, 2015. Of course, the fact that a person is a passionate parent does not imply perfection.  Neither he nor his children are claiming to be perfect. It only implies that he is among the parents who have not only embraced the effective parenting skills, but have also left the window of learning open on the preferred approach which is effective and yet non-violent.

Surely our readers and followers have remained dedicated because they find the teachings in ours posts useful in their parenting roles. We should all be interested to read the real life parenting experiences of the skills and principles we that we desire. Our comments and suggestions will go a long way in helping us achieve our vision of improving parenting skills.  This feedback will be quite encouraging, not just to the writers, but to every visitor to the blog.

Write-ups should not be more that 500 words. They should be forwarded to

I really look forward to reading from all of you.



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