Empathy and Compassion: Prerequisites for Raising Conscientious and Disciplined Children.

My daughter recently asked for my opinion on the makeup on her face. I gave her my sincere opinion and continued with what I was doing. After a few minutes, she came back with her sister to dig deeper into my thought process. Their confusion was that they had become used to my preference for very light facial makeup. They were therefore struggling to reconcile my answer with my current disposition to the issue of makeup.

I then explained to them that I actually put into consideration the age and personality disposition of the girl in question when I gave the response. She was in her late adolescent years. The atmosphere became hilarious when I mentioned that I made up as much as she did when I was her age.

I was really surprised when I understood that they actually thought that the values, preferences and the discipline I now have on various issues of life are what they were in my adolescent years.

Parenting Lessons

  1. I believe that parents play a key role in determining the values and moral standards which their children acquire. Regular readers of the passioninparenting posts should have a good understanding of the fact that parental values are communicated consciously or unconsciously to children from infancy through every word, action or inaction of parents as they interact with their children.
  2. Maturity is a gradual developmental process which parents should patiently provide support for.
  3. The parenting process would be filled with anger and frustration if the children are expected to think and act like adults.
  4. Passionate parents are accommodating to children’s respective personality dispositions. They should show understanding to the evolving developmental peculiarities, as long as moral values, health and safety are not compromised.

Parenting is exciting and effective when done with empathy and compassion

  • Uchenna N. Nduka

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