From a teenager’s diary

There was something strange about the look on my mother’s face when I came back from school that day. I quickly searched through the house for the letter I misplaced in the morning, but could not find it. My mind could not just get off it. The thought of the possibility that it might have dropped off somewhere in the house sent cold shivers down my spine. I tried, but could not just wish it away. Then three days after, mum told me on my way to school that she would discuss something very important with me in the evening.

Her misty eyes were very noticeable when I entered her room for the discussion. When I asked whether she was crying, her tears flowed and she looked up with a sad expression on her face. My heart skipped! She opened her drawer and brought out the letter. So she had discovered my illicit sexual relationship!

I can still hear her sobbing and asking me what went wrong that I forgot so soon, her teachings and advice on the dangers and risks of illicit sex. She wanted to know what made me throw caution to the wind and treat her guidance and warnings with disregard. I was too dazed to give a response when she asked if I had asked God to judge my actions. She said that she had been crying since she picked up that letter, asking for God’s forgiveness and help.

Images of my wrong actions flashed through my mind in seconds. How could I have done all that at just fourteen years? How could I have brought such sorrow and pain upon my mother? I asked myself over and again what went wrong. God indeed judged my actions! I realized how foolishly I had acted by engaging in an obviously wrong and risky action just because I understood that everyone was doing it.

I broke down completely with deep sorrow, knelt down before my mum and wept on her laps. I held her two legs tightly and asked her to forgive me. The weight of guilt on me was so much that I doubted if I would ever forgive myself.


Generally, sorrow is excited by remorse or fear of punishment. A child usually communicates sorrow by countenance, weeping, crying or screaming.

In fact, sorrow caused by fear of punishment, flogging and actual acts of torture produces the loudest of screaming and overflowing rivers of tears. This is described as worldly sorrow in the bible. It is just carnality and usually aggravates parenting issues.

Remorse is described in the bible as godly sorrow (2 Cor. 7:10). It leads to repentance unto enduring discipline. When remorse is excited by love for God, parents and self; and issues and instructions are clearly explained, the right actions are understood and genuinely preferred to the wrong action.

My prayer is that God will guide all parents on the best correction process and technique to adopt on each occasion so that godly sorrow will always be achieved.


-Uchenna N. Nduka


5 thoughts on “From a teenager’s diary

  1. Dear Teenager u didnt tell us ur name or sex, i think I m dazed by d teenager’s writeup, however I m also encouraged she felt bad seeing d pains & tears she caused her mother, I believe there won’t be a repeatation & do ask other teenagers to borrow a leaf from it tanx. An observation pls, on d 2nd writeup God was spelt with small g in 2 places do take note & God bless u


  2. The correction techniques was very effective. It achieved d desired result. If d mother had flog her and shouted at her in public she would have become worse than before. Serious issue like this are not treated in anger but in love. There are things you don’t rush but meditate over to bring out lasting solutions. In parenting we need God’s divine wisdom. Thanks for this wonderful and educative write-up, more grace.


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