The Power in the Names we call them.

These pairs of words;’Creative and dynamic’, ‘Diligent and Lovely’, ‘Golden and Peaceful’, ‘Unique and Focused’ and ‘Smart and Godly’ distinctly refer to respective individuals among the children I closely nurtured. It was a dimension of the application of praise in parenting. Those words describe their salient personality traits respectively. Each pair of words encapsulated my perception of a particular child’s unique natural endowment, attitude-wise.

Can you imagine how much my little daughter embraced love in her personality formation each time I called her ‘my lady with a lovely heart’?

Interestingly, these words of praise, which I consistently used in my interaction with them have worked marvelously well in forming their personalities along the desired line.

This is not implying that children are angels. No, they are not. But it is a parenting blunder to call or describe children by their faults, weaknesses or past mistakes. It will yield no positive result, but would rather worsen any parenting case since children usually develop into what they are called or how they are described. For instance, a child who is always called a dunce because he failed an examination would likely not make good grades as long as he is called this name.

It is proper that in parenting, faults are skillfully corrected while virtues are reinforced and emphasized.


-Uchenna N. Nduka


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