A mother’s testimony – “Our children now obey us willingly and with love.”

I am a mother of three children aged between two and six years. I met Mrs. Nduka about two years ago as a colleague in the office. I immediately noticed that her passion for proper parenting was obvious in almost every discussion we held during our leisure times. I carefully put to good use the bits and pieces of parenting skills that she mentioned.

Previously my parenting approach was based on the handed down traditional practice and belief that children should necessarily be flogged for them to be wise. I therefore employed the parenting techniques I saw in my environment. I shouted, coerced, flogged, and was harsh with my children.   Although my husband was skeptical initial I when I mentioned the idea of excluding the cane completely, we decided to give it a try.

The futility of the wrong methods is now obvious after we adopted the improved approach. We now patiently talk and listen to our children with love, praise them for good works, correct them with compassion, explain instructions carefully and create adequate time to chat with them.

We cherish the closeness we now enjoy as a family. Our children now wash dishes, sweep the house and perform other house chores with impressive results. The greatest of it all is that they now obey us willingly and with love, and this has laid a good foundation for a struggle-free parenting process.


  • Mrs. Rose N Nwafor, Anambra, Nigeria


We hope to read many more great testimonies!

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