The Consummation of Love in Parenting.

In love, I imagine that the babies we curdle and protect today will grow out of the warmth of our hands to face life for what it really is.

The unquestionable reality of life is that wrong actions result in regretful consequences. Yes! People who take wrong actions inevitably contend with the rod of discipline!

I realize that the children we make choices and take actions for will grow to make their own choices and take their own actions. The real test of our parenting efforts will manifest in their adult lives if they are able to apply wisdom in their decisions and actions.

We should be moved to relate with our children more passionately if we imagine that many adults in the prison yard were once children in the care of their parents. They might have been involved in wrong course of events and the rod of discipline is now very weighty on them with avoidable regrets and sorrow.

We should love our children dearly. It will be condemnable that they grow into adults with regrets trailing every action of theirs when;

  • God is a ready help to keep their consciences alive.
  • We are their braces of endless love to help them learn from their daily experiences as children.
  • There are folk tales, bible stories, real life events and our life testimonies we can share with them to firm up godly virtues early.
  • We can devote our time and attention now to protect them, and influence them positively by our words, actions and reactions on all issues.

As parents, we should really be committed to protecting children from harm and danger so that they will gradually mature, but, sometimes, the imperatives of our responsibility towards them may require that we stand aside to allow them the right measure of exposure to the harsh reality of their choices and actions. It is for their good.

Love is indeed consummated in parenting when the child achieves a disciplined adult life, and is able to cope with the ever- evolving enticement into perversion.

Effective parenting approach is lovely. Everyone should embrace it.

Uchenna N. Nduka


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