Effective Parenting: the Preferred Option.

Corporal punishment attacks the main drivers of enduring discipline in children.

  • It distorts the proper cognitive, physical, social and spiritual development of conscientious and love-driven children.
  • It weakens the health of any parenting relationship through emotional and physical scars.
  • It introduces violence and aggression in the personality formation process of a child. The increasing spate of terrorism threatening humanity today may not be unconnected with this.
  • It reduces the human personality to a debased and pitiable level where love, conscience and rational reasoning go into recession, while sadism and coercion predominantly drive actions.

Regrettably, the culture of coercing and bullying children has etched deeply in the hearts and minds of many people.

Interestingly, genuine efforts at steady improvement in effective parenting skills would gradually reduce a person’s resort to aggression and bullying in child training.

Effective parenting skills produce great results.

Learn it!  Practise it!  Share it!


Uchenna N. Nduka


2 thoughts on “Effective Parenting: the Preferred Option.

  1. Beautiful , the resultant effect of effective parenting skills is wonderful, unimaginable cos d children at every point in time will be outstanding not just in academics but character wise . I quiite agree with u


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