2016: The Year of Healthy and Improved Parenting Relationships

Happy new year to our readers! Thanks for availing yourselves of our posts. We are quite encouraged! Even though our stay was brief last year, we are confident that your passion in parenting has increased and that you have made progress in establishing healthy parenting relationships with your kids.

Our belief is that a healthy parenting relationship is one in which the parent is sufficiently close to continuously provide support towards the physical, mental, spiritual and social development of the child in an atmosphere of love, until the child is released into a disciplined adult life. In situations where parenting is effectively done, the foundation of this relationship is so strong that it is never severed even in the child’s adult life. It manifests deeper love and maturity as the child gets older. This should be the desire of every parent!

If the health of any parenting relationship is put on a scale we will find a stretch of values from negative to positive. On the positive extreme is the lovely, happy, firm, righteous relationship where the child is raised with discipline as a way of life right from infancy. Here, parenting is done with so much proficiency that a child will willingly choose to live a disciplined life where the whip, cane and all forms of corporal punishment do not find a place. On the negative extreme are parenting relationships that would break up completely with the child living on the streets without any form of parental guide.

Those that read all our posts in the year 2015 would have fully understood the parenting principles we packaged. However, our devotional post of 12th December 2015 titled, ‘Getting it Right with Discipline in Children: The Proper Approach’ encapsulates all our efforts at improving the parenting skills of our readers.

We hope that you will continue to read our posts and adopt the proper principles. Also note that any posts you find interesting and beneficial will be available to your loved ones on facebook if you click on ‘share’ after reading. We are always encouraged by your likes. Your comments are necessary because they may also add pungency to the message contents of the posts.

Finally, readers that have parenting experiences to share should send their stories for publication to passioninparenting@gmail.com. The stories should not be more than 750 words.

Thanks very much for being part of this great vision.

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