The child I care for came into my life, not by my own will and desire but by the wind of destiny which blew in directions we never expected.

Another child arrived when I desired to have him as one of mine who will inherit all that I have and provide me a frame to lean on in my old age.

At other times, it might have been the compelling pressure from the constant reminders that my mates have acquired children that provided the impetus for me to slip into parenthood.

Then suddenly…………….

“I can’t keep my job anymore because of the child”

“Oh! We need a bigger apartment”

“I can’t believe it is now rare for me to have good sleep at night’

“I earn money but the child related issues won’t let me achieve much with it”

“What kind of a child are you?”

Enormous sacrifices I must confess. I even accused the child of ingratitude. How else could I explain the child’s disobedience to my instructions?

So I quickly opened the toolbox I already received from the ancient times to hit off the wrong parts because this child must obey me!

Gbam! Gbooom! Gbam!!……

The old tools have been at work for long with groaning and pain too deep to ever be forgotten by the child.

Yet he still disobeys! Hmph!

With the child and I in the valley of pain and anxiety,

With eyes so dimmed by my rivers forever flowing,

The child slipped away unnoticed from my hands, sinking deeper down the valley.


Behold hope on the mountain top.

I looked up and scales fell off my eyes.

Hope has arrived with new tools.

So, I searched deeper in the valley for the lost child.


Now the child is by my side.

So my help will abide

With a passion to guide him to the mountain top.

Surely with smiles on the faces of mother and child.


– Uchenna N. Nduka


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